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    Sliced Iberian ham and “coca de vidre” with tomato 22,00€
    Sliced Iberian ham (1/2 portion) and “coca de vidre” with tomato 11,00 €
    Soft goat cheese from “La Garrotxa” D.O. with crackers 8,50 €
    Cantabrian Double 0 anchovies and country bread with tomato (6 units) 11,50 €
    Mushroom croquettes (4 units) 6,50 €
    Pickled artichoke with crunchy Iberian ham 12,50 €
    Chickpeas and beetroot hummus with bread spikes 6,50 €
    Bovine tenderloin tacos with bound juice and foie gras 18,00 €
    Chicken and vegetable gyozas with soy sauce and honey  9,00€
    Garlic prawn casserole and chili oil 12,50 €
    Squids in Andalusian style with lime mayonnaise and coriander  14,80 €


    Green salad with tuna 12,50 €
    Caesar salad with chicken  13,00 €
    Pumpkin cream, pumpkin seeds and Feta cheese 8,50 €
    Tomatoes contrast, smoked salmon, mozzarella and pesto 12,50€
    Grilled vegetables with olive oil 9,50 €
    Rigatoni with amatriciana sauce 10,50 €

    The sea

    Sautéed noodle casserole with lobster and  “all i oli” 17,00 €
    Arroz de marisco D.O. Bomba. Delta del Ebro lla del Riu 21,00 €
    Angler fish medallions in green sauce with prawns, white asparagus and peas 24,00 €
    Grilled Norwegian salmon fillets with grilled vegetables 15,50 €
    Cob in garlic mousseline sauce and Santa Pau haricot beans with bacon 24,00 €
    Grilled octopus, candied potato, trumpet mushrooms and “mojo picón” sauce 19,00 €


    Ribeye Steak Angus Nebraska. 320 grams/ 0,70lb 11,2oz 27,00 €
    Cow filet 300 grams/ 0,66lb. 10,5oz 22,00 €
    * Choose a sauce and a side dish to accompany your choice
    SAUCES: Béarnaise, green pepper, Porto
    SIDE DISHES: Grilled green asparagus, “piquillo” peppers, French fries
    French rack of lamb, apple sauce with quince and pont neuf potatoes 18,00 €
    Iberian pork shoulder in Pedro Ximénez sauce with prunes, raisins, pinenuts and creamy potato  20,50 €


    Chocolate coulant with nougat ice cream 6,50 €
    Cheesecake with passion fruit coulis 5,50 €
    Fresh seasonal fruit rainbow 4,50 €
    “Mel i mató”, walnuts and cherry jam  5,50€
    Crème brûlée and “carquinyolis” 5,50€
    Spanish cheese assortment (Mahón, Manchego, Idiazábal and Cabrales) 6,80 €
    Tarte tatin with white coffee ice sphere 6,50 €
    Crème brûlée ice cream and red berries 6,50 €
    Assortment of sorbets 5,50 €


    * Tax included