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    Broccoli cream with poached egg and rosty bacon

    Mix of wilds salads with crudités and tuna

    Escarola salad with codfish, anchovies and “romesco” sauce

    Crunchy brick of poultry chicken with soft cream of “ceps”

    Swordfish carpaccio with “berros” and coconut ginger dressing


    Fish “suquet” with saffron sauce

    Fried noodle casserole with lobster and soft “all i oli” 

    Seafood black rice. Bomba Illa Del Riu D.O Delta de l’Ebre

    White Beef tenderloin with “murgulas” and “tupinambour” purée


    Contrast of natural fruits

    Hazelnuts cake with cream and red berries

    Chocolate mousse with iced white chocolate sphere

    Carrot cake

            ___________________________  36 €   _____________________________

                                        *Water, beer or glass of wine included


    *Tax included

    “Rigatonis” with lemon, winter vegetables and ricotta