Saturday, sunday and public holiday from 1:00pm to 3:30pm


    Lentil cream with foie and Iberian ham rosti

    Mix of wilds with crudités and tuna

    Warm salad of scallops and prawns with citrus vinaigrette and chives

    Mushrooms risotto with parma cheese, truffle oil and arugula

    Zucchini carpaccio with smoked salmon, iced goat cheese sphere and tomato vinaigrette


    Monkfish chops in tempura with chickpea stew

    Fried noodle casserole with lobster and soft ‘’allioli’’

    Beef entrecotte with caramelized apple and bulgur

    Seafood rice (Bomba Illa del Riu D.O. Delta del Ebro)


    Fresh fruit rainbow with tangerine sorbet and aroma of cachaça

    Chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream and milk candy (dulce de leche)

    Lemon mousse with raspberry coulis

    Greek yogurt with tropical fruits and hibiscus honey

            _____________________________   35 €   _____________________________

                                        *Water, beer or glass of wine included


    *Tax included