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    Saturday and sunday from 1:00pm to 3:30pm


    Cherry gazpacho, goat cheese and basil.

    Mix of wilds with crudités and tuna

    Tomato, mozzarella and mango salad with “miso” vinaigrette

    Rigatoni with red- green pesto and fried onions

    Assortment of smoked, beet hummus and toast


    Baked hake, orange sauce and sautéed spinach

    Fried noodle casserole with lobster and soft “all i oli”

    Mellow seafood rice with artichokes. Bomba Illa del D.O Delta del Ebro.

    Old cow steak with green pepper, peach fritters and zucchini spaghetti


    Fresh fruit rainbow

    Duo of chocolates with Bailey’s coffee cream

    Fresh cheese, quince and coconut foam

    Raspberry textures

            ___________________________   35 €   _____________________________

                                        *Water, beer or glass of wine included


    *Tax included