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    From Monday to Friday from 1:00pm to 3:30pm


    Gratin onion soup, yolk egg and thyme aroma

    Mix of wilds with crudités and anchovies

    Kumato tomato salad, lamb’s lettuce and mozzarella with basil oil

    Seafood and mushrooms cannelloni with soft scarlet shrimps sauce

    Zucchini carpaccio with two pestos, dry tomato and toast pine nuts


    Grilled hake with garlic refried, spicy pepper and roasted vegetables

    Bonito Marmitako with green pepper and mussels

    Fried noodle casserole with lobster and soft “all i oli”

    Sauteed Iberian secret in mustard sauce with mushrooms gnoquis and celery puree

    Old cow steak in Sechuan pepper sauce with Shitake parmentiere


    Contrast of natural fruits

    Carrot cake with coco ice-cream

    Chocolate, mascarpone and coffee ice-cream

    Fresh cheese, quince and pollen

            ___________________________   25 €   _____________________________

                                        *Water, beer or glass of wine included


    *Tax included